Sexual assault advocacy programs are a critical part of our community response.

PGIO advocates for fair and equitable sexual assault and interpersonal violence policies and legislation on local and national levels. We support reforms that ensure holistic support for all survivors.

Our sexual assault advocates provide emotional support, information, advocacy, and referrals to victims/survivors no matter how long it has been since an act of sexual violence has occurred. Other activities our advocacy program involves is taking a hotline call, meeting someone at a hospital for a forensic exam, explaining the legal process, or assisting a survivor with basic needs like safe housing or maintaining employment. Advocates empower survivors to make informed decisions and assure them that their voices are heard.

Using the form below, you can sponsor our advocacy program for $20 per month as a one-time gift or recurring monthly donation (you may also make a custom donation).

Your donation will go a long way in supporting PGIO to achieve its objectives.