About Us

About Protect Girls Image Organization (PGIO)

Protect A Girls' Image Organization is a humanitarian organization that exists to provide advocacy for substance use disorder, preventing adolescent pregnancies and bringing positive transformation to vulnerable children and their families.

We are a social advocacy founded and managed by a committed team of men and women who are dedicated to serving children by detecting and responding to emerging drug and substance abuse cases, preventing early pregnancies among adolescents and dealing with other social economic family challenges.


Being an exemplary humanitarian organization that seeks to bring about justice and sustainability for our children.


Creating Awareness and Prevention of drugs and substances abuse, early adolescent pregnancies and other social economic family challenges.

We empower children to thrive and cultivate their full potential through counselling, education, and intervention.

Our Great Team

Margaret Wangui


Chair Board meetings and strategic planning

Pauline W Ruthari

Logistics Coordinator

Michael Ruthari

Youth Organizer

Lydia Wanjiku

Youth Organizer

William N. Simba


Operations and financial management

Gabriel M N'goto


Caroline Wangechi

Youth Organizer


We have an ambition and vision to champion the interests of vulnerable children countrywide. However, the organization currently confines its activities in Nairobi and Central province in line with its resource capacity and existing service delivery structures.

A networking office situated in Nairobi City Centre serves as the headquarters, with the partner offices playing a supportive intermediary role in handling any emerging cases effectively.

PGIO brings together valuable stakeholders who effectively guarantee the realization of victory over the fight against drugs and substances abuse, early pregnancies and social and economic family challenges. PGIO creates campaigns in mutual collaboration with health institutions, schools/colleges, government offices, counsellors, and social groups.

Your donation will go a long way in supporting PGIO achieve its objectives.