Drugs and Substance Abuse

Current statistics in Kenya indicate that more than half of drug users are aged 10-19 years. The commonly used drugs are alcohol, cannabis and nicotine.

We provide advocacy and awareness for substance use disorder and mental health issues. We educate youth and at-risk populations about healthy living and drug prevention. We strive to educate and inform parents and children about ways to help those who are struggling with drug and substance abuse. With time, we have been able to gradually end the stigma of addiction to drugs or alcohol, which is our biggest barrier to treatment for those who need it.

We are also dedicated in providing resources and support for family and friends of people with addiction and substance use issues. We offer resources such as counselling, psychiatric practitioners and treatment programs to help rehabilitate our beneficiaries. Through this, we are able to help addicts navigate the often confusing and overwhelming world of effective treatment through rehabilitation, counselling and follow-ups.

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