Way forward in Urban and Rural Areas
Effects of Poverty on Education in Kirinyaga County- Kenya.


  1. More advocacy is still required in championing issues related to rape that adversely affect the youth
  2. Parents must take a central role in shaping the future of the youth
  3. The government should play a critical role in policy formulation to protect the vulnerable in society.

However the analysis carried out in seminars held in Kerugoya, Nyeri, and Kirinyaga differed, the society needs sensitization on the rape menace so that they don’t see it as a usual thing. Factors contributing to this are alcohol, negligence and ignorance. It was established that about 70% of the cases are not reported and the 30% reported never reach the prosecution level, the victims are compromised and for the minors, the parents are compensated which should never be tolerated. The rate of immorality is very high and HIV & AIDS cases are increasing day by day.



  1. More advocacy is needed urgently in rural
  2. A safe house is of the essence since most perpetrators live in the vicinity and it would not be safe for the rape victim.
  3. There is a need to partner with organizations dealing with HIV AND AIDS to have them provide medication for the infected.
  4. A lot of counselling and guidance is needed.
  5. Rehabilitation for the drug addicts and drunkards.
  6. Children should be monitored to ensure they go to school.


Primary target beneficiary/main survivors.

Primarily the vulnerable women and girl children susceptible to rape and other forms of violence or abuse largely unreported or never pursued to the desired conclusion in the interest of the survivors. The families and the society severally humiliated by such beastly acts will also experience a sigh of relief from such humanitarian interventions.

Overall needs of the survivors.

  • Necessary information on the existing basic human rights and appropriate procedures in the event of rape or other forms of abuse/violence
  • Safe Centre for reporting and gathering primary evidence while avoiding the stigma experienced after rape incident
  • Proper medical examination and medication
  • Counselling and guidance
  • Proper legal representation
  • Expeditious case pursuit and fair determination
  • Simple but appropriate self-defence and redemption from the hands of the rapist
  • Sufficient knowledge on the signs defining an advancing/luring rape
  • Publicity on the determined cases and found perpetrators of rape (Exposing rapists who are found in courts or anywhere)