PGIO Rescue Centre, Kirinyaga visit

This past month, the Protect a Girls Image Nairobi team paid a visit to our rescue Centre in Kirinyaga County, Central, Kenya on a mission to assess the progress of the centre’s activities around poor girls support with a place they can call home, provision of their basic needs and education progress.

PGIO team at Kirinyaga Rescue Centre

The young girls and children are evidently doing better than before and the immediate guardians were very happy with the impact the centre is having in their rural community.

PGIO is proud of this milestone and despite the challenge of resources to take care of more and more cases that need assistance is looking to do more in the second half of 2019. We are in the process of putting up an extra building within the compound to increase the centre’s capacity for more intake.

PGIO rescue centre children during the visit at the site of new building construction

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