PGIO Partners with religious leaders

Pastor John Kihiu Mbugua is a great influence in Kirinyaga County. Pastor John is one of the leaders that Protect A Girls’ Image Organization is engaging and empowering to become change agents in relation to our goals. He has used his great influence to relay positive messages to the community and has sensitized people on matters HIV/AIDS, Female genital mutilation, Education, Health care, Youth initiatives and Capacity building.

Pastor John has played a big role in identifying people in need in the community and has helped Protect A Girls’ Image in narrowing down different needs of different groups of women and children in Kiriyaga County. He always spreads messages of love and acceptance to educate and reduce stigma against the issues PGIO is trying to sensitize people about like sexual assault, sex workers, early marriages, truancy and gender inequality. He has brought the element of hope and freedom to share especially since the women of Kirinyaga county are quite conservative to talk about certain issues.

Protect A Girls’ Image believes that it is critical for us as advocators and policy influencers to partner with religious leaders to have more impactful change since they are the most trusted in many

Kangai church congregation

places. We have made bigger strides in service delivery, education, advocacy and mediating flows of information and resources in Kirinyaga county. We have been able to develop deeper relationships with the community. This has really been crucial in achieving our Organization’s objectives and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

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Protect A Girls’ Image works with people of all faiths because we believe God can work through all people to achieve His purposes. We cannot achieve our mission on our own so we seek to collaborate with a wide spectrum of partners, supporters and others to transform the lives of children, families and communities.

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